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[30 Dec 2007|07:42pm]
me-                        Ron Paul's immigration policies are racist!
RP supporter-      YOUR racist!

best comeback ever...Lauren and I laughed for about a minute
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[15 Sep 2007|01:01am]
so a few weeks ago i went camping and learned a lot of stuff

1. it is more fun to keep time in rip and dips. eg i spent 8 rip and dips living in the woods with rob and gavin.
2. squirrels are very hard to hunt with a slingshot
3. the woods get very dark
4. if there were such a thing as swamp-mermaids gavin would invite them into his tent...
5. drinking swamp water makes you waaay tougher.
6. I have incredible reflexes when i realize i have a HUGE spider crawling on my neck. Seriously i was milimeters from dying, i felt its pincers rake across my neck. Now i know how  samwise felt..

i  climbed an enormous tree with Gavin and will never forget the view of the beanstocks  and np from  that tree. 

"soon nobody will be able to see the view that you just saw" -Gavin
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[04 Apr 2007|10:58pm]
Rob I am onto you....

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[29 Mar 2007|05:14am]
new paltz folks, or anyone, who are lookin for something cool to do this weekend should come check this out


it is a workshop on non-hierarchical organizing that sounds amazing.  Also ive heard alot of good things about the events that have been happening at Iron weed lately, i would def reccomend it. I wont be able to make it but if i could i would.
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[16 Mar 2007|06:23pm]
i had a discussion with someone today about kuwaiti women. The good ones are the girls who stay at home after 9 and only go out after that time with their family members. The bad ones are the ones who go out after this time unsupervised. The thought on this is something along the lines of how can you marry a woman who is doing stuff like that. if you did marry her you would never be able to trust her...etc, etc, etc.. he then told me his favorite celebrity was Paris Hilton.

"Paris Hilton??" i said, "you know that she is very promiscuous and just about everyone has seen her vagina."

"seen her what? seen her... pajamas?"

I laughed for a while and then explained the difference between vagina and pajamas. it was hard, and i said the word 'privates' a number of times. i dunno if he got it.

side note..gas and DVDs are super cheap here. Gas is about 60 cents a gallon and i can get DVDs here for like 4 or 5 bucks. 

Ive done alot of reading lately. started a new Graphic Novel series called Ex Machina. It is by the same guy who is writing Y: The Last Man and Pride of Baghdad.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_K._Vaughan

I also finished Stephen King's the Cell. I was very dissapointed. I was hoping for an epic merger; kings writing and zombie horror. the idea was great, and brought originality to a played out genre. A zombie horde created and spread by the use of cell phones. When you hear the pulse being sent out over the cell phones you go crazy, and then you become absorbed into the collective consciousness of the zombie horde. good idea but alot of king's writing in this book seemed obviously rushed and repetitive. the characters were flat and I didnt really feel too much for any of them. King uses a very predictable formula in this book. As a fan who is familiar with his style i could see where the story was going. I am glad i read it but it is certainly not one of my favorites.   

gotta go. gonna watch Blood Diamond with my pops
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[05 Feb 2007|08:21am]
Prince was definately the best part about the superbowl.

watching michael Jackson music videos on Youtube is amazing.

one on my favs

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[17 Jan 2007|07:14am]
this is great. it reminds me of some of the kids i work with. my favorite quote is

"and your family, do they have all their limbs"

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2 in one day?! post city! oh the things i will do when lauren is away. [16 Jan 2007|12:31am]
I know ive posted on this in the past but i really appreciate this website


its a website that streams a bunch of free documentarys produced and aired by PBS. Sure they are a little biased but i think the documentarys are really helpful for getting some basic info on whats going on.

I recently just watched the one titled 'The Insurgency.'  I thought it was really good.
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[27 Dec 2006|12:24am]

films on anarchy. so far i liked "what to do in case of fire"
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[21 Nov 2006|02:53am]
the Borat movie is hilarious by the way.

I laughed so hard my cheeks started to hurt and i almost got sick.
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[29 Oct 2006|08:25pm]
check it out.. website by Rob. pretty sweet

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[22 Oct 2006|09:21pm]

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[12 Oct 2006|02:03am]
Doc came for a visit and it was good having him here. I hope and look forward to his move here. that would be pretty damn exciting. Did alot of exploring of the area with him and i certainly have a better idea of where i want to adventure. adventuring is so much easier with another person. Especially night riding.

I feel torn about wanting to get involved in organizing around here. It seems like there is some fun stuff to get into without having to talk to liberals/socialists about why their half-assed stances on the war in Iraq is not working, and why marching in the street is important. Shit i would prolly have to argue with them about wether stopping traffic is violent or not.

Im reading abbie hoffmans auto-biography right now and am finding it amazingly inspiring. He did some pretty dope stuff. and those Yippies were no joke. I feel like he tapps into a very important point in his book. How to organize fun, confrontational, and disruptive protests. Effective. I think about some of the shit that was done in the past like the campaign to levitate the pentagon and find it hilarious. and it worked...gained nation wide attention, set the tone for the close of the 60's.

A part of me wishes that these old school tactics would work. Boycotts, sit ins, rallies and sign holding, shuting down campus and all that good stuff but a part of me also agrees with many who think that today those get co-opted too quickly. How do our movements move faster than alienation and absorption. whats left?
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[10 Oct 2006|06:11am]
Shaq is a Wonderful actor. I just turned the TV off. Doc, Sam and I were watching Shazzam. Highly reccomended

So today Lauren and i went on our first adventure of Western Mass. I liked it alot. We were checking out the changing foliage and the yarn shops. we came back while the sun was setting into the berkshires. It made the trees look as though they were shimmering or on fire. Tere are also a few musems that are pretty dope. The Clark art institute and MassMoCA especially. Even though i went to school around them for a year i never set foot in either one of those museums. Definately looking forward to it.

a cat also bit me. Vile creatures.


shit like this should happen all the time
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[29 Sep 2006|02:39am]
Going to NP the other day and had a pretty good time.  Brought myself back a little miles. It was nice seeing so many people, on such short notice. what wasnt nice was finding out that im about 22,000 dollars in debt now.

Before i left i did a little Ninjitsu training with a friend of mine rob.

This is exactly what i did, so naturally im a little sore.

This is a video of rob at practice.  a REAL master.
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This is the dawning of the age of Acquarius [15 Sep 2006|06:07am]
New Mars Volta Album... Amputechture

+ good music to drive to
- Extremely hard to dance to ...especially while driving. I almost got into an accident and died
+ a good album to accidentally die to.

very good album. one of my favorites ever.

Please dismantle
all these phantom limbs
its the evidence of
of humans as ornaments.

seems like they are being subliminally  political? maybe i read too into these lyrics.
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[07 Sep 2006|04:52pm]
ok lameasses the quotes were from
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[15 Aug 2006|07:13pm]
wow. spain is awsome. airports suck. amazing how much of my español has come back even though ive been here for only a few days. Miss my np crew like crazy. lemme know whats up. be in touch soon.
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[16 Apr 2006|09:44pm]
Latest addictions:

-General Tso's tofu with veggies..so damn good. 3 times within the past week and a half. is that even healthy?

-vegan "green and black pie." made from avacados and chocolate chips with a graham cracker crust. so good.
lemme know if you want the recipe.

so much needless stress. things are just crazy..especially with school.
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[30 Dec 2005|04:41pm]
i havent seen the sun in FOR-EV-ER...fuckin syracuse..its not even snowing...

I think i have D&D poisoning..and i love it.

Lauren is comming...even though that means im gonna have to start showering and brushing my teeth at least once a week now i cant wait to see her. i just want a lil bit of snow..just a lil bit so we can go sledding and have hot cocoa.

werd...need to make plans for new years eve. any ideas?
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